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Go big or go home. That’s the mantra you’ll often hear from fisherfolk as they descend on the large and lovely dams of Country NSW, many nestled alongside a Reflections Holiday Park.

But if you’re going to catch big – like a 50kg Murray Cod, for instance - you’re going to need the right gear. Your run-of-the-mill lures and tackle are not going to cut it with these big boys.

And that’s where the expertise of fishing expert David Allan comes in handy. David has been fishing since he was 7 years old, and as a local New England lad, he knows Copeton Dam like the back of his hand.

“I like all types of fishing, but I especially love surface fishing for Murray Cod with lures. It’s definitely the most exciting way to catch a cod,” said David.

As the fishing industry learns more about what’s needed to catch big fish, the tackle options are changing. This is partly due to insights gained at top fishing spots like Copeton Dam.

“There are some great new lures coming onto the market. Some from large companies and some from the local cottage industry, and they all show sensational workmanship,” he said.

Top surface fishing lures

According to David, Wakebaits were the new secret weapon at Copeton Dam last cod season.

Whilst there are many types available, David has two favourites: the Mudeye Snake, Rattle Snake or the Kingfisher 1V Wakebait. Large Australian-made timber lures, with a distinctive sound fish can’t seem to resist.

“The Mudeye Snake is a great lure, perfect for surface fishing. I caught a 1m long, 20kg fish on this just recently,” he said.

Top sub-surface fishing lures

When it comes to sub-surface fishing, David recommends the Jackall Gantarel. This striking lure has an eyelet to add a chin weight to allow it to smoothly dive into the depths. The ‘Copeton Magic' colour could be just the pick for your future fishing trips to Copeton Waters.

Another top pick: the Jackall Gigantarel. As the name suggests, this lure is large. It’s 200mm long and weighs 150 grams. Like the Gantarel, this lure is a great Swimbait and can mimic a wounded bait fish, tempting to even the fussiest cod.

Sink or swim?

With their artistry and specialist design, these big lures don’t come cheap. Some of the top brands can cost over $200. And whilst it’s heartbreaking to have an expensive lure break off the line and sink, the fact remains: big bait catch big fish.

“I am often asked ‘How do I catch one of the monster cod?  The answer is simple: put the right lure or bait in front of the right fish at the right time and you’ll have a chance,” said David.


And it helps to be in the right place too.

Reflections Holiday Parks Copeton Waters has proven its claim as the ‘cod capital of Australia’ by producing more metre class fish than anywhere in the country. You can also try catching cod at one of our other Country NSW holiday parks, from Burrinjuck Waters in the south to Wyangala Waters in the central west.

With cod season just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to plan your next inland fishing trip. Book your stay at a Reflections Holiday Park in country NSW and start gathering your tackle for the ultimate fishing adventure.

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