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Image of a family bike riding at Reflections Holiday Parks Jimmys Beach

It’s time to get out of the house and back to nature. If you’ve been thinking about staying at holiday park now is the perfect time to give it a go for the first time. We’ve put together a beginner’s guide to holiday parks to help you get in the outdoors sooner.

You’ve decided it’s time to get out of the house and back to nature. If you’ve been thinking about staying at a holiday park now is the perfect time to give it a go for the first time.

Holiday parks offer you more than a hotel room would. With open spaces, playgrounds, water parks, tennis courts or jumping pillows each park offers its own entertainment for the kids and many have kids clubs or games rooms too.

Our holiday parks also offer some of the best locations for accessing beaches, rivers, lakes so that you can make the most of your time, swimming, surfing, fishing or enjoy water sports.

Holiday parks are also social. Kids will make friends at the play equipment and you’ll have the opportunity to meet other travellers in camp kitchens or when sitting by the communal fires.

Whether you’re in a tent or in a cabin you’ll be able to enjoy the local wildlife and have the stars overhead. There will be so much to do outside you’ll be able to disconnect and be refreshed in no time.

Sound like the right kind of holiday for you? Let’s make that dream holiday a reality.

An aerial image of Reflections Holiday Parks Seal Rocks

The Destination

The open roads beckon and with 37 parks across New South Wales the perfect location could be within hours reach. Choosing where you want to go can be a tough choice, consider how far you want to travel and what activities or climate you want to experience on your stay and that will help you narrow down the options.

After you’ve picked the perfect spot it’s time to choose your accommodation style, at Reflections Holiday Parks you’ve got four styles to choose from.

Image of a tent camping site at Reflections Holiday Parks Jimmys Beach


If you’re after a break from technology camping is the perfect option. A bush camp out will involve waking up to the sounds of birds and your neighbours may be kangaroos. Camping at our coastal parks will involve falling asleep to the sounds of the waves.

There are a few necessities you’ll need ahead of your stay including a tent, swags or sleeping bags, cooking utensils and a torch. When camping you’ll be able to make the most out of your park’s facilities including bathrooms and camp kitchens.

Not sure if camping is for you? We’ve got a beginner’s guide to camping if you need a little more info.

Image of a couple on caravan site at Reflections Holiday Parks Shaws Bay


If you've been dreaming of that first caravanning experience, then there’s no better time to try this comfortable self-contained accommodation than now. Before you hit the road there’s a few checks you’ll need to complete.  

Know your weights and make sure that your car and caravan is a legal combination and be sure to double check that everything is hitched and double checked from tyre pressure to the locked windows.

When you’re on the road you’ll notice that your driving will be different, caravans- no matter the size, will have an affect on your acceleration, braking, steering and stabilisation. If you’ve got the time, we recommend taking a caravan safety course. You’ll learn everything from basic maintenance, hitching and unhitching, breaking, reversing and manoeuvring techniques ensuring you’re as safe and secure as can be when on the road.

Hiring a caravan is a great way to be sure you have the right set up or to just dip your toes into this holiday style before making a commitment and buying your own. You might even decide to try a couple of styles of vans before you find the perfect one for you.

Staying at a holiday park in a caravan will be a different experience for everyone, as each van has its own set up. You may be completely self-contained, or you might be using the holiday park kitchens and bathrooms. You can also choose to be on a powered or unpowered site depending on your set up.  

Image of a glamping beach tent at Reflections Holiday Parks Red Rock

Luxury Camping

So, you like the idea of getting back to nature and sleeping with only a canvas over your head but aren’t ready to leave your ensuite bathrooms and air conditioner behind? Or maybe you just don’t want to set up and pack down a camp?

Our Luxury tents will be the perfect accommodation for you. You’ll be able to ease into camping but still have all the comforts of home including private bathrooms, kitchen amenities, a deck and provided linen.  

Luxury camping, or glamping is also a great way to camp if you’re wanting to change up your regular camping trips.

If a balance nature and luxury sounds appealing you can check out where our glamping and luxury camping sites are.

Image of a family on cabin balcony at Reflections Holiday Parks Red Rock


Cabins are a great way to enjoy the perks of a holiday park if camping or caravanning isn’t an option for you. At any one of our parks you’ll be surrounded by nature and will be steps from the beach, river or lake.

At Reflections Holiday Parks we offer a variety of Standard, Deluxe, Studio and Ensuite cabins at 36 of our 37 parks. You may find it hard to leave with many cabins offering waterfront views and depending on the style you choose outdoor verandahs, barbeques, open plan living, freestanding baths and queen beds.  

Some of our parks also have wheelchair access and easy access amenities.

Image of a woman and dog in front of caravan at Reflections Holiday Parks Jimmys Beach

Don’t leave your dog behind

At Reflections Holiday Parks we have 29 dog friendly parks, so you don’t have to leave your four-legged family members behind.

When travelling to a park with your dog it’s best to be prepared, we’ve got a Dog Travel Essentials guide to help you on your way.

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